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inUnison Consulting HIPAA privacy and security compliance services about us

What We Do

Complying with healthcare regulations such as OSHA Safety and HIPAA Privacy and Security is tough for any business. Hiring a consultant to help you is often the best way to accomplish your goals. You benefit from our specialized knowledge and the fresh perspective gleaned from our experience in working with other organizations, and the amount of time you and your staff spend on compliance issues is substantially reduced. While many people do not enjoy compliance, we love what we do!


We respect the work you do in providing top-notch patient care. We want to help you continue to be successful in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. We pride ourselves in being the best in customer service, and strive to exceed your expectations. We will help you meet the demands of regulators, auditors, management, employees and board members.


Our Strengths


One of our many strengths is that we understand the obstacles that can stand in your way to becoming compliant with current OSHA and HIPAA laws. Before becoming experts in these regulations, our team members were prior healthcare managers and had successfully worked for many years doing what you do. We have dealt with the enormous task of running a healthcare business. We know firsthand the challenges you face each and every day.


In addition, we have been providing compliance services for over 17 years. After having performed training sessions and onsite surveys for thousands of healthcare professionals and facilities, we bring an enormous amount of experience in healthcare regulatory compliance issues and laws to the table. We want to share that vast amount of knowledge with you!

Who We Are

Karen Pass
Karen Pass,
Co-Founder and
Principal Compliance Consultant

Karen strongly believes in the importance of customer service and support, and that is one of the reasons why she, and her co-founder and business partner, Susan Bruce, established inUnison Consulting. Because regulatory compliance is confusing and difficult to navigate, it is important to be the trusted expert

her clients can rely on to help them reach their compliance goals.


In addition to servicing clients in the field for over 17 years, Karen has extensive experience in compliance policy and procedure development. She regularly authors compliance blogs and articles to assure her readers are kept up-to-date with the latest compliance news. 


Karen has presented workshops and seminars in OSHA, HIPAA, infection prevention and radiation safety sponsored by professional organizations such as Benco Dental, Delaware Dental Hygienists Association and the Philadelphia Regional Ophthalmic Society. 


Susan Bruce
Susan Bruce,
Co-Founder and
Executive Director

As Co-founder and Executive Director for inUnison Consulting, LLC, Susan is able to apply all of the various skills obtained after nearly 18 years in the healthcare compliance consulting world, and can ensure that our clients will confidently meet their regulatory compliance goals. She manages internal systems, marketing and finance, and continues to use her expertise in product creation and client management support. 


In addition, many years of previous healthcare management experience serves to give her a well-rounded perspective into the needs of employees, administrators, board members, and practice owners. 


In conjunction with her inUnsion co-founder and business partner, Karen Pass, she establishes short and long-range strategic / operational goals and makes certain they are met, guarantees that the execution of programs meet the company's vision and mission, and ensures that client services and support are the best in the industry. 


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